Dan Dulau

The Aargau (Switzerland) Chamber Orchestra is one of the most prestigious European institutions of its kind, through its tradition and artistic performances.

The task of redesigning the visual identity had the purpose of updating the institutions image. The simple and succint logotype, including the CHAARTS abbreviation (refering to specific geographic locations: CH / Switzerland and AAR / Aargau), highlights the elements of quality and solidity in communication. The redesign activity comprised printed and promotional materials as well as the orchestras new website.

Orchestra de Camera din Aargau, Elvetia este una din cele mai prestigioase institutii de gen din Europa, prin traditie si calitatea actului artistic.

Tema de redesenare a identitatii vizuale s-a dorit a fi una prin care institutia si reactualizeaza imaginea. Logotipul simplu si concret, care cuprinde si abrevierea CHAARTS (cu trimitere spre coordonate geografice clare CH / Elvetia si AAR / Aargau), potenteaza o comunicare bazata pe conceptul de calitate si soliditate. Procesul de redesenare a cuprins elemente de papetarie dar si materiale de promovare ale Orchestrei precum si un nou web site.