Dan Dulau

The SoNoRo International Chamber Music Festival is a young initiative in Bucharests cultural life, whose aim is that of bringing well rated artists performing on the same stage. Its spontaneity, youth and the original locations chosen for the concerts are some of the features that identify SoNoRo.

The third edition of the Sonoro festival was graphically backed by a new visual orientation, built around a naive representation of musical instruments. This element, featured on all of the festivals promotional materials, along with the narrow range of used colors, attempts to establish an honest connection between the audience and the musicians. The festivals logo was included in a vaster graphic block, containing auxiliary information.

Festivalul International de Muzica de Camera SoNoRo, initiativa nascuta n urma cu trei ani, se doreste a fi o manifestare culturala de prim rang, ce poate aduce n peisajul cultural bucurestean o nota cromatica distincta, att prin programele variate, dar si prin prezenta n spatii inedite, prin intermediul unor artisti tineri si entuziasti.

A treia editie a festivalului Sonoro a fost sustinuta grafic de o noua directie vizuala, conturata n jurul unei tratari ludice a instrumentelor muzicale. Acest element, prezent pe toate instrumentele de comunicare ale festivalului, mpreuna cu gama redusa de culori, ncearca sa creeze o legatura sincera ntre public si muzicieni. Logo-ul festivalului a fost inclus ntr-un bloc grafic mai complex, incluznd informatii auxiliare.