Dan Dulau

Eikon is a publishing house located in Cluj with a diverse and recognized activity. The published writings and their authors cover a wide range of creations, from essays and belles-lettres to specialized scientific works.

The presented titles belong to the philosopher Andrei Marga, to the sociologist Achim Mihu and to the poet Ioan Buteanu. Designing attractive and meaningful cover were only some of the targeted goals. With a minimal graphic line , the designs aim at transmitting as much as it is possible from the themes approached in the books.

Eikon este o editura localizata n Cluj, cu o activitate deja consacrata si diversa. Titlurile publicate, autorii implicati, acopera un larg spectru de creatii, de la eseuri si beletristica, pna la lucrari stiintifice specializate.

Titlurile prezentate n continuare, apartin filosofului Andrei Marga, sociologului Achim Mihu sau poetului Ioan Buteanu. Crearea unor coperti atractive, dar si purtatoare de nteles au fost cteva din obiectivele cautate. Cu o linie grafica minimala ca si elemente grafice, lucrarile ncearca sa transmita, cu ct mai mult posibil, cte ceva din subiectele cartilor.