Dan Dulau

The identity crisis felt by the cities of Romania is also felt on a visual level. The lack of consistent and coherent visual communication programmes is more than obvious. In this context, the attempt to represent such a vast concept (the citys identity) is more actual than ever.

Besides a section supported by historical and iconographic research, the visual identity proposal also included editing a use manual for the suggested logo. It was born out of an old emblem of the city, redesigned yet easily recognizible. Finding for an appropriate symbol with strong meanings was one of the ambitions. The idea of the citadel, together with its connotations, was the starting point in elaborating the identity proposal.

Criza identitara a oraselor din Romnia se resimte si la nivel vizual. Lipsa unor programe consistente si consecvente la nivelul comunicarii vizuale este mai mult dect evidenta. n acest context, ncercarea de a da chip unui concept vast (identitatea orasului) este mai actuala ca niciodata.

Pe lnga o sectiune sustinuta prin cercetari istorice si iconografice, propunerea de identitate vizuala a cuprins si editarea unui manual de utilizare a logo-ului propus. Acesta s-a nascut dintr-o mai veche emblema a orasului, redesenata dar totusi recognoscibila. Cautarea unui semn echilibrat, puternic dar cu puternice semnificatii a fost unul din scopurile propuse. Cetatea, cu toate conotatiile sale, a fost punctul de plecare n elaborarea propunerii de identitate.