Dan Dulau

Some of the visual identity projects proposed or implemented during the past years. The subjects are very diverse, the sought solutions whether they were found or not lead to remarkable graphic outcomes, some of the projects being currently implemented with success.

From more complex visual identities to basic marks individualizing a toy producing company, the projects involved intensive research with the purpose of finding ways of effective and original visual communication.

Cteva din proiectele de identitate vizuala propuse sau implementate n ultimii ani. Tematica este una diversa, solutiile cautate - gasite sau nu - au dus la rezultate grafice notabile, unele proiecte fiind si n prezent implementate cu succes.

De la identitati vizuale mai complexe, pna la simple semne ce individualizeaza o mica firma ce produce jucarii, proiectele au vizat cautari intense n sensul gasirii unor modalitati de comunicare vizuala eficienta si inedita.