Dan Dulau

Compakt, a brand of the According Group, promotes products destined for the construction and do it yourself fields. The wide range of additional products covers a variety of applications, both professional and hobby.

By promoting the new brand through the use of promotional calendars, Compakt tried to declare its values: durability, consistency, versatility, seriousness. Employing a serious yet aggressive chromatic range, inspired by the brands colors, the calendars can also be considered as educational tools, since each of their pages is dedicated to a personality of modern or contemporary architecture.

Compakt, brand al grupului According, promoveaza produse destinate domeniului constructiilor si bricolajului. Gama larga de produse auxiliare, acopera o mare plaja de aplicatii, profesionale sau hobby.

Promovarea noului brand Compakt, prin intermediul unor calendare promotionale s-a dorit a fi una prin care Compakt sa si afirme valorile: durabilitate, consistenta, versatilitate, seriozitate. Calendarele, construite pe o gama cromatica simpla dar agresiva, bazate pe culorile brandului, pot fi si instrumente de educare, fiecare pagina fiind dedicata unui maestru al arhitecturii moderne sau contemporane.