Dan Dulau

SoNoRo Interferences is an educational program, conceived as an extension of the SoNoRo platform. SoNoRo Interferences is a good opportunity for the young talents of chamber music to meet acknowledged artists, a chance to have conversations on musical and various other topics.

As an annex of the SoNoRo Festival, the visual identity focuses on the SoNoRo logotype, to which an appendix was added symbolizing the main ideas of the initiative: interference, contact, dialogue.

SoNoRo Interferente este un program educational, gndit a fi o anexa a platformei SoNoRo. SoNoRo Interferente este un prilej de ntlnire a tinerelor talente din domeniul muzicii camerale cu artisti deja consacrati, o posibilitate de a conversa nu doar muzical dar si interdisciplinar.

Fiind o anexa a Festivalului SoNoRo, identitatea vizuala are n prim plan logotipul SoNoRo, la care a fost adaugat un apendic ce traduce vizual ideile de capati ale programului: interferenta, contactul, dialogul.