Dan Dulau

SoNoRo Mexico is yet another project spawned by the success of the SoNoRo initiative, that appeals to the international and multicultural nature. Like its Romanian counterpart, the Mexican festival proposes an unconventional approach to chamber music, by means of its locations, artists and programme.

The visual identity of the festival derives from that of its parent. Additionally, a defining element that graphically individualizes the event is included. The symbol of the bird, a peculiar element of the Aztec culture, is treated synthetically and becomes a strong means of visual signaling.

SoNoRo Mexico este un alt proiect generat de succesul programului SoNoRo facnd apel la caracterul international si multicultural al festivalului. La fel ca cel din Romnia, festivalul din Mexico si propune o abordare neconventionala a muzicii de camera, prin locatii, artisti si program.

Identitatea vizuala a festivalului deriva din cea mama. Aditional apare, ca element definitoriu, un semn care individualizeaza grafic evenimentul. Simbolul pasarii, element aparte n cultura azteca, este tratat sintetic fiind un puternic mijloc de semnalizare vizuala.